Helpful Tips for Homeowners

WinterRoofing Work with Flex Roof

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Gutter cleaning is an important phase of outdoor cleanup in late spring. Pollen and debris should be removed from gutters and eaves to prevent costly damage. Also check for birds’ and bees’ nests. Many different gutter covers are available and can be adapted to fit your unique situation to prevent debris from filling your gutters every spring and fall.

If you don’t feel comfortable on the roof or a ladder and need help with the gutters on your home, give us a call for a FREE estimate.


In the summer, hot and moist air can get trapped in the attic. This causes warped sheathing boards and deteriorates the quality of your shingles. A hot, stuffy attic also makes a home more difficult to cool and can result in added energy costs. Ask a Douglas Roofing estimator for ideas and costs to ventilate your home.


An inspection of your roof and attic structure will let you know if your property is ready for winter. Get a head start by cleaning out the gutters (this is also a good time to consider gutter covers) and check eaves and penetrations on the roof before they can cause leaks in your home. Let a Douglas Roofing employee provide you with the safe alternative of a FREE estimate and outline a maintenance program for your roof.